Social Initiatives

Meghna is committed to making a positive impact through comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with a deep sense of responsibility towards society and the environment.


Human safety
protection during

Full worker safety is ensured at all our facilities, this includes safety gear, standby medical support staff, regular healthcare checkup, ambulance service, regular fire safety training, and ISO certified electrical safety.


Non-Toxic Environment

As part of our unwavering commitment to product safety and environmental preservation, we adhere to stringent guidelines set by our global customers. All chemicals used in our production processes are non-toxic, ensuring the safety of our products and the environment.


Convenience store

To further enhance the well-being of our employees, we provide a convenient store facility, catering to their daily needs within the workplace, at subsidized rates, and also loan facilities based on salary..


Training center

Meghna collaborated with Kia motors to develop a state of the art training center, to develop young talent in engineering field to enhance their future careers in the automobile sector.


Ensuring a Healthy Environment for All

To ensure optimal air quality in our button factory, we have established a state-of-the-art dust collection room, effectively mitigating airborne pollutants and fostering the well-being of our valued employees. Our bicycle paint booths are using negative air pressure to keep pollutants out while ensuring healthy ventilation inside

Ethical Practices

First Aid Room And
Healthcare Support

Caring for our employees' well-being, we maintain a fully equipped First Aid room, staffed with a full-time nurse and visiting doctors twice a week.

Work Environment

We provide a dedicated child care room, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere that enables a harmonious work-life balance for our valued employees.

Other Activities

Monthly donations to mosques around our communities. Providing meals for children in orphanages. Sponsoring merit festivals annually to inspire students to develop skills.