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Our Culture

At Meghna, we embrace the values of excellence, integrity, innovation and sustainability to create a brighter future. Our commitment to these principles is at the core of everything we do, guiding us as we work towards a better tomorrow.


We aspire to be a regional leader in quality and sustainable manufacturing.


We strive to accelerate sustainable manufacturing in the developing world.

Our History

1974-Bicycle Spoke Manufacturing

Dr. Alhajj Abdul Khalek Bhuiyan ventured into the manufacturing industry with the inception of Meghna Cycle Industries Ltd in 1974, manifesting his enterprising spirit. This remarkable establishment commenced operations by meticulously crafting bicycle spokes, mudguards, and frames within a sprawling 7,000 square feet factory, harmonizing the efforts of a dedicated team of twelve skilled individuals.

The Meghna Story

1986- Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan Took Over

Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan, the esteemed progeny of the late Dr. Alhajj Abdul Khalek Bhuiyan, gracefully assumed the reins of the enterprise at the youthful age of 18, displaying remarkable acumen and resilience following the bereavement of his revered father.

The Meghna Story

1993-Pioneering Entry into the Domestic Bicycle Market

In 1993, Meghna Group embarked on a transformative journey by acquiring Bangladesh Cycle Industries Ltd, a formerly defunct government-owned bicycle manufacturing entity. This strategic acquisition heralded it’s entrance into the local bicycle market, paving the way for remarkable growth and industry leadership.

The Meghna Story

1995-Inception of Prime Bank

The year 1995 marked a splendid milestone as Prime Bank Limited was founded, orchestrated under the insightful guidance of none other than Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan, Chairman of Meghna Group, who bestowed his eminence upon this enterprise as the distinguished sponsor director.

The Meghna Story

1996-Meghna's Pioneering Entry into the Tire and Tube Manufacturing Sector

In 1996, Meghna Group ventured into the tyre and tube manufacturing sector, rapidly becoming a key player with export-oriented factories equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Meghna delivers top-quality products, spanning bicycles to trucks, under the renowned brand MTF Tire.

The Meghna Story

1996-Meghna Group Drives into Excellence as Exclusive Importer and Distributor of Kia Motors in Bangladesh

In 1996, Meghna Group marked its entry into the automotive industry as Meghna Automobiles Ltd., securing the exclusive rights as the importer and distributor of Kia Motors in Bangladesh. This pioneering venture laid the foundation for over two decades of unparalleled success and market leadership.

The Meghna Story

1996-Meghna Group Ventures into Melamine Production

Since 1996, Meghna Group has been at the forefront of the melamine industry, boasting state-of-the-art production facilities comprising 32 lines production units. Meghna Plastic Polymer's commitment to excellence continues to shape the landscape of melamine products, catering to the demands of the local market.

The Meghna Story

1999-First Export to Europe

Meghna Group embarked on a historic venture, magnanimously venturing into the European market, as finely crafted bicycles from Bangladesh traversed continents for the first time. The Group extends heartfelt appreciation to the European Union for their invaluable cooperation, which has fostered this momentous milestone in international trade.

The Meghna Story

2001-Meghna Group Unveils a New Chapter in Packaging Industry

In 2001, Meghna Group entered the packaging industry, pioneering as a manufacturer of export-oriented automated corrugated box cartons. Since then, the group has earned a stellar reputation, delivering exceptional packaging solutions globally and becoming a trusted name in the field.

The Meghna Story

2003-Executive Motors Ltd. is established as the official dealer of BMW in Bangladesh

Since its inception in 2003, Executive Motors Ltd. has established itself as the premier destination for discerning customers seeking BMW vehicles. With a world-class showroom that showcases the epitome of automotive luxury and an award-winning service facility manned by BMW-certified professionals, our esteemed company has garnered the respect and unwavering confidence of customers and competitors alike.

The Meghna Story

2007-Market Expansion and Prestigious Collaboration

Meghna Group embarked on a remarkable journey of market expansion by forging a strategic partnership with one of the venerable British bicycle manufacturers, esteemed for their longstanding heritage. This momentous collaboration signifies the Group's commitment to delivering excellence.

The Meghna Story

2011-Grand Unveiling of CycleLife Exclusive

Meghna Group proudly inaugurated CycleLife Exclusive, a pioneering establishment heralding a new era of opulence in Bangladesh's bicycle industry. As the nation's first premium bicycle store, it stands as a haven for European standard, top-tier bicycles, meticulously curated to cater to the discerning tastes of the local market. This visionary venture showcases Meghna's commitment to offering unrivaled luxury and quality, elevating the cycling experience to unprecedented heights.

The Meghna Story

2014-Launching Veloce Bicycles: Fulfilling Aspirations with Elegance

Meghna Group proudly introduced it’s esteemed premium bicycle brand, Veloce Bicycles, a testament to it’s commitment to making dreams a tangible reality. With a meticulous fusion of artistry and engineering, Veloce Bicycles epitomizes elegance and sophistication, providing cycling enthusiasts with an unrivaled riding experience.

The Meghna Story

2014-Meghna Group's Milestone Entry into Bangladesh's RMG Industry

In 2014, Meghna Group made a significant stride by venturing into the RMG industry. It has  LEED Gold certified denim production facility. The company's state-of-the-art technology and equipment underscore its commitment to excellence in Bangladesh's textile landscape.

The Meghna Story

2018-Meghna Group's Collaborative Triumph with Cube Bikes

In 2018, Meghna Group initiated a groundbreaking partnership with Cube Bikes, Germany, leading to the establishment of Hana System Ltd. A significant investment underscores our commitment to precision and quality in the meticulous assembly of bicycles, defining our prominent role in the industry.

The Meghna Story

2018- Inception of Mohammad and Sons

Embodying a profound appreciation for horological craftsmanship, Mohammad and Sons stands as the sole authorized dealer for esteemed luxury watch brands including Zenith, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Frederique Constant Geneve, and Movado in Bangladesh.

The Meghna Story

2019- Establishment of AlCa Industries Ltd.: A Beacon of Excellence in Aluminum Frame Production

Recognizing the need for superlative aluminum frames, Cube Bikes approached Meghna Group, expressing their desire for a partnership. Thus, AlCa Industries Ltd. was founded with a steadfast focus on this very objective. A team of seasoned experts, hailing from Taiwan and China, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge acquired over a decade, collaborates diligently to ensure the production of impeccable aluminum frames that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The Meghna Story

2021- Alpha Carbon Technology Limited

In a remarkable stride towards innovation, Meghna Group established a cutting-edge manufacturing unit dedicated to crafting exquisite carbon fiber bicycle frames. To ensure the utmost expertise and precision in this specialized domain, Meghna forged a collaborative partnership with a preeminent Taiwanese company renowned for their mastery in frame manufacturing. This synergistic alliance stands as a testament to Meghna's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and pushing the boundaries of cycling technology.

The Meghna Story

2023-Inception of M&U Motors Ltd

As we embark upon the year 2023, M&U Motors Ltd proudly assumes the distinguished position as the sole authorized dealer of Ford Motors in Bangladesh. As a trusted partner, we stand ready to redefine the driving experience for our esteemed clientele, offering unrivaled access to a world-class range of Ford vehicles.

The Meghna Story

2023-Perception Three Sixty Limited: A Prominent Marketing Agency

At the forefront of innovative marketing solutions, Perception Three Sixty Limited proudly stands as a distinguished concern under the illustrious Meghna Group. With its grand inauguration in 2023, this agency embodies a commitment to excellence, offering unparalleled marketing expertise and cutting-edge strategies to propel businesses towards unparalleled success.

Team Organogram

Mr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan
Chairman, Meghna Group
Mr. Rashiqur Rahman Mahin
Vice-Chairman, Meghna Group
Mr. Abrar Rahman
Director, Meghna Group
Mr. Mohammad Mushtaque Ahmed Tanvir
Director, Meghna Group
Mr. Muhammad Mostafa Ahmad Tanveer (Palash)
Director, UPPL
Mr. Md. Manirul Islam Bharosha (Sohel)
Chairman/Director, UPIL
Mr. Zidan Ibne Shoeb
Managing Director, M/S. Perception Three Sixty Ltd
Mr. Md. Luthful Bari
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Meghna Group
Mr. Md. Anwarul Islam Khan
Director (Development), Meghna Group
Mr. Md. Hedayetul Islam
Director (Finance and Accounts), Meghna Group
Mr. Abdul Majid Shiekh
Director (Audit), Meghna Group
Mr. Supal Chandra Saha
Director (Admin), Meghna Group
Mr. Md. Moshiur Rahman
Director (Production), Uniglory
Mr. M. A. Bari
Director (Sales & Marketing), Uniglory