Tires & Tubes

Innovative Quality Tire and Tube Manufacturing at Meghna Group

55 Mil.

Annual Production Capacity

Meghna Group is unwaveringly committed to precision, technology, and the delivery of unparalleled quality in tire and tube manufacturing. Our dedication to excellence is evident through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, featuring machinery such as the Troester extruder from Germany and the Comerio calendar machine from Italy. Beyond tires and tubes, our production extends to 11 million units of rim tape and 1.7 million pairs of brake shoes annually. We uphold the highest standards by sourcing premium raw materials from reputable global partners across the world. Underlining our commitment to quality, MTF Tire stands as the distinguished tire brand of Meghna Group, and we proudly serve as the international production partner for WTB for bicycle tires. This comprehensive approach reinforces our position as a leader in precision manufacturing within the industry.

MTF Tires

Established in 2010, MTF Tire has emerged as a leading force in the tire industry, achieving significant milestones in the years that followed. Our annual sales reflect our commitment to excellence, with approximately 4.3 million units of top-notch tires and 8.6 million units of tubes distributed to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. We take pride in our extensive coverage area, spanning 63 districts and 460 sub-districts across Bangladesh. With a network of 861 dealers, we ensure that our premium products reach every corner of the country, establishing MTF Tire as a trusted name in the industry.