Joint Ventures

Hana Systems Limited

Established in 2018 through a strategic collaboration between Meghna Group and Cube Bikes, Germany, Hana System Limited stands as a significant venture with a substantial investment of around Tk 100 crore. Specializing in the precise assembly of bicycles, our core focus revolves around maintaining the highest standards of precision and quality. With a factory boasting an annual capacity of 200,000 bikes dedicated exclusively to Cube production.

Alpha Carbon Technology Limited

Founded in 2021, Alpha Carbon Technology Limited is the result of a strategic partnership between Meghna and PMG Taiwan. Centered on precision manufacturing, our expertise lies in crafting high-quality carbon frames, forks, seatposts, and handlebars exclusively for bicycles. Boasting a total capacity of 25,000 frames, 50,000 forks, and 80,000 seatposts, we are poised for significant growth with plans to double our production capacity by 2025.

Alpha MoldingTechnology Limited

Established in 2022 as a dynamic joint venture between Meghna and PMG Taiwan, Alpha Molding Technology Limited is dedicated to precision craftsmanship in the creation of diverse types of molds. At the forefront of this venture is a commitment to innovation and excellence in mold manufacturing. Specializing in precision molding technology, we position ourselves as pioneers, enabling swift market entry for new parts designs and developments

Precision MetalTechnology Bangladesh Ltd.

It is a dynamic joint venture with Taiwan (Republic of China) specializing in the metal industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature cutting-edge machinery, including a 2000-ton double-action extrusion & a 690-ton extrusion Press, enabling us to produce high-quality extruded tubes & profiles. With a robust capacity of 1300 tons per year, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our clients with precision and efficiency. Our paid-up capital of USD 10,00,000 reflects our financial strength & dedication to excellence.


In the year of 2023, Meghna proudly announced a strategic Joint Venture with the esteemed Turkish company, Tam Hangers. Together, we embark on a mission to redefine the garment industry with our high quality hangers. Currently boasting a monthly production capacity of 8 million units, we are excited to share our ambitious plan to scale up to 40 million units per month within the next three years. At Meghna, we take pride in adopting cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency. Our state-of-the-art molding machines are equipped with energy-saving technology, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint, we harness the power of solar energy to offset our energy consumption.


In 2016, Meghna Group proudly embarked on a journey of innovation and excellence through our joint venture, Shore to Shore Brand Packaging Ltd. Specializing in the creation of premium RMG
accessories, this endeavor
showcases our commitment to delivering quality and precision.
Additionally, we are pleased to introduce our Eco Factory, a testament to our dedication to
sustainable manufacturing practices.