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Our bicycle manufacturing facilities in Gazipur, Bangladesh, epitomize cutting-edge technology in alloy frame production, boasting mechanical tubing capabilities, seamless welding, and precision CNC machining of frame parts. Complementing our commitment to innovation, we house in-house mold-making facilities for the development of new and advanced frame designs. To ensure the highest quality, our dedicated frame testing lab rigorously tests and surpasses customer-specified standards. Environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of our operations, with all painting facilities utilizing lead-free paint that meets EU standards for environmental safety. Additionally, our venture into carbon manufacturing is a collaborative effort with PMG from Taiwan. This initiative combines carbon raw materials sourced from Japan with the expertise of skilled workers from Taiwan and China to create high-performance carbon frames, forks, seat posts, and handlebars. This comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to state-of-the-art and environmentally conscious bicycle manufacturing.

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