Meghna Agro and Dairy Products

Meghna Agro and Dairy Products, a pioneering establishment dedicated to advancing the dairy industry since our inception in 2015. At the core of our mission is the commitment to assist the nation in realizing its dairy dream by significantly contributing to increased milk production. We take pride in our diverse and exceptional cattle breeds, including Pakistani Shahiwal, Brahman Cross, Indian Sindhi, and Holstein Friesian, ensuring top-notch quality in every aspect of our operations.

In addition to our focus on milk production, we are equally devoted to breeding and nurturing high-quality bulls that play a pivotal role in enhancing beef production. Our meticulous breeding practices aim to create a robust lineage of bulls capable of yielding superior beef.

Recognizing the urban demand for quality beef, we have also incorporated bull fattening into our core functions. This initiative ensures the development of well-nourished and healthy bulls, meeting the requirements of urban consumers who seek premium beef products.